Erin has had a passion for health and wellness since her teens. She minored in Physical Health and Exercise Science at University of California, Santa Barbara during college but chose to pursue business for her main studies and career. From the start, Erin dealt with irregular, heavy cycles and as she got into her 20’s, cystic acne. Erin tried antibiotics and harsh facial creams for years on and off to deal with the occasional cystic acne outbreak. In her early 30’s she had a particularly bad episode and Accutane was the dermatologist’s suggested next step. Erin listened to her intuition, knew there had to be a more natural way that would support her system without risking all the harsh side effects of this medication. Choosing to work with a nutritionist at the start of her healing journey to balance her hormones was a decision she wouldn’t regret. 

In 2017, after her own success working with a nutritionist, it inspired her to complete an eighteen month certification program for holistic nutrition through Bauman College. Over the last six years, Erin has worked with multiple coaches, health practitioners and completed various online programs and training to heal acne, chronic inflammatory response syndrome (mold illness), insomnia, hypothyroidism, and various menstrual cycle related symptoms. 

She continues to read and study about wellness (current favorite topics include mindset and nervous system support practices) on a regular basis and is passionate about helping others to connect with their intuition on their own healing journeys. Erin’s coaching focuses on food and lifestyle based recommendations instead of supplements, powders or any gimmicky quick fixes!

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